Promoting psycho-social support of learners during the COVID-19 outbreak


As the COVID-19 situation is rapidly evolving, learners may worry and be aected by the situation around them. The struggle that learners are facing is also directly related to the signicant shift in their routines due to school closures, quarantine and social distancing which hinders their sense of structure, predictability and security. This in turn will aect their ability to be fully engaged in learning.

Recommendations to support learners’ psycho-social well-being during the pandemic:

1 - Recognize that reactions to the pandemic may differ:

Every learner is unique and has a dierent way to respond to stressful events.
Assure learners that their reactions are normal during such times.
Explain the impact of the pandemic in an age appropriate way.

2 - Promote learners’ emotional well being:

Help learners know their own emotions and acknowledge their feelings and concerns.
Support learners communicate, express, and manage their anger and frustration.
Give them plenty of affection, share your feelings, and tell them that you love them.

3 - Promote learners’ social well being:

Maintain a net of family and peer relationships around learners.
Explain that social distancing is only physical.
Teach listening, problem solving, decision making, and communication skills.

4 - Create Safe, Positive, and Supportive Environment:

Create and maintain a regular schedule and daily routine during quarantine.
Ensure a balanced diet, physical exercise and enough sleep.
Use positive discipline strategies based on conflict resolution, role modeling, and praise.

Keep room for fun and recreational activities including: play, music, media, team games, and others…