Education: a passport for the children of South Sudan


Peace is on the horizon in South Sudan, and quality education is the key to building a stable future.

My country South Sudan comes from a long history of conflict dating back to 1955. The ongoing civil war negatively affects millions of people, destroys lives and prevents Sudanese from achieving their full potential as individuals and as a community. Although our people are deprived of basic human rights and needs including education, they continue to brave up to each challenge they face every second of their lives.

“Education is key to life”

The dawn of South Sudan’s modern history is characterized by the fundamental understanding that education is the key to life, as attested in our constitution. However, the path to providing it has been bumpy and unsuccessful in many regards.

When asked the question, “what did the people of South Sudan want after independence?” many of us, including myself, aspired to see our children go to school, get the health services they need, travel freely, drive on modern roads to visit grandparents, and, of course, have access to basic needs like clean water, electricity to do homework, and the chance to make friends from other communities. 

South Sudan has yet to realize these ambitions.  The independence we gained did not end the conflict, and civil war left us with grave impacts. Back home, my nephews and nieces fall within the millions of South Sudanese children deprived of an education.

Most families are displaced from their homes, uprooted from communities and schools as a direct result of ongoing conflict. Learn more....

Source: GPE